The MSC Bikes/Descent-Gear NPS DH 2009

The main men – Steve Parr and Si Paton – say the following stuff… The Race Season is now wheel spinning into action and the UK hosts the top domestic race series in the World. You must race at a high regional standard before you can get into the NPS which is widely seen as […]

April 6th, 09 2,227 Categories: News

Sunn in the UK

Jim Walkers will be bringing Sunn in to the UK for 2010. There will be an official launch in June 09 where the new 2010 range will be unveiled.

April 6th, 09 1,508 Categories: News

Fresh Goods

Bits just in from RaceFace, Maxxis, Authority, Commencal, Chris King, Genesis and Gaerne

April 3rd, 09 6,141 Categories: Fresh Goods

Cyclist injured by pothole, gets compensation. Good or bad?

A stern reminder for councils to keep their roads in good repair? Or another symptom of the increasingly sue-happy society?

April 3rd, 09 3,620 Categories: News

Entries now open for the Singletrack Classic Weekender

Sign up now for the first Singletrack Classic Weekender at Lee Quarry, Lancashire.

April 2nd, 09 2,748 Categories: News

Yeti ASR 7 First Look

Why do we get the exclusives? Because we have the best coffee in the industry, that’s why.

April 2nd, 09 9,853 Categories: Kit

Singletrack Classic Weekender- What Will The Downhill Course Be Like?

Our multi-discipline solo-bike event that’s happening on the weekend of July 4-5th is attracting interest with gathering pace. A lot of folk with piqued interests have been asking what the “Downhill” discipline will be like.

April 2nd, 09 2,378 Categories: News

Giro’s new Havik

Demands by pro riders for better visibility for wet and overcast races has led to the development of Giro’s ‘clearest lens ever’ for their Havik model.

April 1st, 09 5,875 Categories: News

Straitline Components and Ryan Berrecloth to Release Bear Systems TM

Packing for Whistler or the ‘shore this summer? Full-face – check. Body armour – check. Cool clothes – check. Bear bell – ch…what? New laws will mean that ALL riders in B.C., even foreigners, will need a bear bell on their bikes to ward off the many bears that live in all parts of the north west, particularly around ski-centres.

April 1st, 09 4,816 Categories: News

Gisburn Forest Gets £180,000 For Mountain Bike Trails

As featured in Benji’s nostalgic “Homecoming” feature in the current issue of Singletrack, Gisburn Forest now has a great looking future as well as rose-tinted past.

March 31st, 09 10,998 Categories: News

Nice Price Series – Course Preview

We spent a nice Spring day being shown the new race course that’s being used for the Nice Price Series event on the 16th and 17th of May. Here’s some video footage of the twist-a-licious delights that await competitors.

March 31st, 09 2,252 Categories: News

Tweak Bikes Innit

The brand name for the product developed by his Shedfire Design company will be known as “tweak bikes” – Richards said this afternoon.

March 31st, 09 6,083 Categories: News

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