Fresh Goods

More fresh goods? Yes! We are quite lucky.

July 7th, 09 10,845 Categories: Fresh Goods

Valiant T-Shirts are here…

They have some clever, mountain bike related T-shirts and, what?
Yep, they have their own 1940s radio detective show…

July 7th, 09 3,241 Categories: Kit, News

Danny MacAskill stars in new Doves video

Danny MacAskill manages to show off his amazing street trials skills again – this time in a new video for the band Doves.

July 7th, 09 7,114 Categories: News

Happy 10th Birthday Lefty

Would you believe it, the Lefty has made it to 10, and is still a fork surrounded by controversy. People just can’t get past that single fork leg despite your car having four of them. Unless you drive a Robin Reliant, of course, but then you’re probably quite open to a little strangeness anyway.

July 7th, 09 6,909 Categories: Press Launch

Kit Just In – Singletrack Magazine’s Mercedes Sprinter

A long wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI with access ramp to be precise…

July 6th, 09 6,827 Categories: Kit

Singletrack Classic Weekender – The Overall Results

Here is what you’ve all been waiting for. The overall everything-totted-up results!

July 6th, 09 2,933 Categories: Events, News

Singletrack Classic Weekender – the photos

Our man Sim spent all weekend burning in the Lancashire sunshine to bring us a photo story of a great weekend at the Weekender.

July 6th, 09 4,975 Categories: News

Singletrack Classic Weekender – Saturday’s DH Results

Here are the results from the Downhill segment of the Singletrack Classic Weekender.

July 6th, 09 3,982 Categories: News

Marzocchi 888 RC3 Evo WC

For 2010 Marzocchi has taken the 888 back to the drawing board and in doing so have managed to save over 600g in weight.

July 6th, 09 18,534 Categories: Kit

Cannondale Flash

Cannondale introduces the Flash for 2010. The first carbon frame to receive a stiffness rating of over 100, while winning the feather-weight title at 950 grams.

July 4th, 09 61,069 Categories: Press Launch

Cannondale – 2010

Some new and updated bikes in the Cannondale stable for 2010.

July 3rd, 09 39,653 Categories: Press Launch

Specialized 2010 – The Media Pack

We missed this year’s Specialized press launch, so here are some selected pages from the Media Guide that came with it.
Ahh, what the hell. Here’s the whole Media-Only press pack for you to leaf through yourself. You now know as much about 2010 Specialized as we do.

July 2nd, 09 43,293 Categories: Press Launch

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