bikeparkwales 2

Bikepark Wales episode two – First Fix

Here’s episode two of Cognation’s trilogy

August 16th, 13 13,027 Categories: News

Neon straws to save your noggin.

Smith move to the Forefront with straw-tech helmet

If you’ve ever looked at Smith’s range of snowsports helmets and wondered why they don’t have cycling offerings to go with their riding glasses, you’re not alone.

August 15th, 13 15,374 Categories: Kit, News

That gut at the front's cheating

GT Bicycles launch 2014 bikes

Enduro, trail and racer fast 29ers too. There’s something for everyone.

August 15th, 13 24,973 Categories: News, Press Launch


Looking at stems. Chris Froome has inspired us!

‘Chris Froome looks at stems’ is our new favourite website distraction. It’s what the internets were invented for

August 15th, 13 20,064 Categories: News


Throwback Thursday 6: Snowdon Snow

Continuing our most tenuous of links from week to week we’ve gone all the way back to issue 5 for this weeks blast from the past.

August 15th, 13 11,070 Categories: News, Premier


Midweek Mini Movies 162

Another selection of beautiful bike movies all for your viewing pleasure

August 14th, 13 7,422 Categories: Midweek Movies, News

Full bling ahead

BMC Goes Big for 2014 with 29er Enduro/Trail bike

BMC go enduro with the all new Trailfox

August 14th, 13 5,679 Categories: News

sbu v3

Let us introduce you to codename SBU V3 (with video!)

Bonkers futuristic transport! An electric, self-balancing unicycle. See more here

August 13th, 13 3,304 Categories: News

Radio Chipps

Singletrack Editor Interviewed On BBC Radio Leeds

Today at 2pm. Listen live as it happens here The One On One programme airs at 2pm and is an hour long spot lead by Nick Ahad. The programme states that it is dedicated to ‘the great and the good of Yorkshire’. Chipps is today’s ‘Great and the Good apparently’, although he’s from Wiltshire. But […]

August 13th, 13 2,773 Categories: News


Tuesday Treats 53: Premier Prize

Here it is: your entry into a world of Premier Prize goodness, plus last week’s winner/s

August 13th, 13 12,156 Categories: News, Premier, Premier Stockist


Tuesday Treats 53: Garage Bikes Revisited

Morley and proud, the neatest workshop bar none and West Yorkshire’s only authorised Fox Suspension Maintenance Centre. Check it

August 13th, 13 4,495 Categories: News

Bikepark wales

Bike Park Wales Episode One – Origins

We’re looking forward to Bike Park Wales opening, in the meantime here’s a video to whet our appetites.

August 13th, 13 2,921 Categories: News

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