The new Transition Bikes Covert model

Only slight apologies for the press release cut ‘n’ paste, but we thought you’d like to see the new ‘genre redefining’ Covert bike from Transition Bikes…

May 28th, 09 9,134 Categories: Kit

2010 Commencal AbsolutSX

Albert from Madison says: “Rumour has it it’s the ‘bestest’ in t’world ever, ever!”
See what you think…

May 26th, 09 4,962 Categories: Kit

Specialized Unveils Carbon Race 29ers

Just a quick one for you. Specialized pro riders have been spotted riding brand new carbon 29ers – in both hardtail AND full suspension Epic flavours.   Todd Wells and Conrad Stoltz like the 29ers’ increased rollover and greater ground contact, which they claimed gives better traction during both climbing and riding over loose stuff. […]

April 17th, 09 6,579 Categories: Kit

Intense 951 FRO

Straight outta Temecula, Intense’s new DH bike the 951.

April 16th, 09 18,605 Categories: Kit

New Blur LT Carbon!

It’s another new Santa Cruz! Only this time it’s a 5in+ bike made from carbon fibre that’ll handle anything you throw at it and still come in under 28lbs…

{Apologies for the cut ‘n’ past nature of the press release, but Chipps is still up after 24 hours travelling to the States, so he’s a bit rubbish right now. He promises to work harder tomorrow…}

April 14th, 09 16,559 Categories: Kit

Giant Talon

A UK specific hardtail from the big G. Now updated with more details.

April 8th, 09 18,287 Categories: Kit

K9 Angled Reducer Cup Kit

Want to slacken your Intense Socom or Iron Horse Sunday? Look here…

April 8th, 09 7,157 Categories: Kit

chub wheel goods

Chub hubs with high flanges give you decreased spoke stress and build a super strong wheel.

April 7th, 09 3,538 Categories: Kit

Yeti ASR 7 First Look

Why do we get the exclusives? Because we have the best coffee in the industry, that’s why.

April 2nd, 09 9,921 Categories: Kit

Friday Afternoon Gear

It’s Freaky Friday here in the office. Our pal Deano has just popped in with his monster truck tyred Jeff Jones titanium singlespeed, and Chipps has shown his complete disregard for colour matching by installing a purple Cane Creek headset on his pink Orange Blood.

March 20th, 09 6,235 Categories: Kit, News

The New Manitou Dorado

We’ve just heard that the new Dorado fork from Manitou has landed at their UK Distributors.

March 20th, 09 5,175 Categories: Kit


Every now and then it pays to be on so many random companies’ mailiing lists…

March 20th, 09 6,632 Categories: Kit

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