Shiny shiny syndrome

Technology is ace. Most of the time.

January 10th, 11 12,094 By:

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Getting back in the Saddle

Nathan needs your help – he hasn’t ridden a bike in 4 months!

December 15th, 10 11,967 By:


I’ve been science-d!

Chipps goes to Torq for a fitness evaluation…

December 9th, 10 9,096 By:


Commute Part Two

Keeping the faith.

December 9th, 10 7,528 By:


Right Tool For The Job

Matt says “Snow is bad!”

December 2nd, 10 8,213 By:


Xmas is just around the corner, but before the Xmas tree is decorated Mr Potter and I have to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Today we Potters have officially been married for 7 years….we could ignore this special date in Potter history, well Ian could, but I believe significant dates in our lives should be celebrated. […]

November 25th, 10 5,054 By:


Keep The Faith

Matt’s not manning the barricades.

November 22nd, 10 5,044 By:


Greek Tragedy

You’ve probably heard all about the recent theft of Singletrack bikes and a laptop. We were feeling pretty ‘hang dog’ about it all, and to make the tragedy worse, all the photos and video material from a riding trip to Greece were on the laptop. Jon and myself had been away exploring the mountain biking […]

November 17th, 10 5,184 By:

The Site got Updated

A list of things to look out for: Obviously the theme has changed somewhat. The ad-bar at the top means Premier users lose that completely if they reduce the ads. The black bar at the top, the “user bar” has a dropdown menu with links to your new profile area. Here you can upload an […]

October 29th, 10 5,055 By:

Wheely Wheely Trying!

A Wheely Good Ride…

Since returning from Canada and the World Champs Mountain Bike experience the Potters have been busy as ever on the AQR guiding front. Ian is starting to feel the effects from not only guiding full time this year and taking up more of the work load during the months I was ill, but now lo […]

September 30th, 10 12,185 By:


Digger’s Diary – new trail at Gisburn

Ed’s been at it in the woods again…

September 30th, 10 12,041 By:


It’s a crazy place, but I’ll miss it…

Chipps says goodbye to 12 years of Interbike (and exploding fountains) in Las Vegas. Next year, LA.

September 26th, 10 4,833 By:


I’m Back

19 weeks and 5 days have passed since that day. Today I went back out on my bike for a proper ride. I awoke to a beautiful day, the sun was shining, there was a cool crispness to the air and I knew I had to go. It started with a bit of an uncomfortable […]

September 25th, 10 4,521 By:


Eurobike Survival Guide.

If you don’t have to go to places like Eurobike for a living and you’re a bike nut, I guess you could be envious of myself and Chipps. The reality though really isn’t that much fun – Eurobike is massive!! 13 halls, all the size that you could easily have an entire 5 a side […]

September 3rd, 10 6,130 By:

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