Temperature Regulation

There’s one thing that the last couple of years of odd weather has meant to me – not the thought that we’ve broken the planet’s weather; that’s not in doubt – but it’s the far more trivial poser of ‘what to wear?’ It used to be that summers were mostly short sleeve Lycra jerseys and […]

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Keeping afloat over the dark months

Step away from the cake!

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More strip hotels.. The leky bills must be huge!

Premier Interbike: Mark’s Blog

Interbike is over and we are just killing time for a day before we fly back to the UK. For Chipps this was Interbike number 17, for Jon it was his first. I’ve now done three. Vegas is an amazing city, but don’t let the use of that adjective fool you into thinking it’s necessarily […]

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Interbike: surely I’ve got the hang of it now?

This is my 17th Interbike – and I’ve yet to master it…

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Hope you’ve not missed me too much!

Hi all, Well I’m counting down the days. It’s my final week of being a lady of leisure. Looking forward to being back in the office and seeing everyone again. The ten months have flown since I handed over the Subscription reigns to the wonderful Jamie Ware and what a super job he’s doing. Sounds […]

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Nearly in Austria, but still in Bavaria

Other people’s trails

  I reckon 98.5%* of my riding is done on trails in a 20km radius of where I ride, because we’re lucky that locally there’s enough variation and quality of riding that justifying travelling out of the valley seems pointless. That same variation and quality also means I get to spend a fair amount of […]

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You don't need training, or drugs to ride fast. Just get chased by lightning instead!

Guest Blog: Marcus Farley and the lightning.

It seemed like a normal Thursday night ride…

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Connecting stages provide plenty of time to chat as well as recover

Guest Blog: Ally at the 661 Gravity Enduro at Kielder

Round two of the 661 UK Gravity Enduro in Kielder came about really quickly for me, I got a new bike (Transition Covert) from the guys at UK importers Surf-Sales only a few days before the race plus we’re also straight off to Vancouver for a month of riding right after the race too, (yeah, […]

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F1 bling...

A different (Mercedes Benz) World…

Jon spends a day out of the office geeking about cars rather than bikes

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Race day was muddy...

Guest Blog: Ally at the 661 Gravity Enduro at Ae Forest

We’ve got Ally from Campbell Coaching to give us her thoughts and impressions as she races her first full season of the 661 Gravity Enduro. She’s no stranger to enduro racing tough, having taken part in the Mega Avalanche in years past: Enduro style racing has it’s home in the Alps with some classic and […]

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WHERE DO I START……my golly gosh I’m well over due in the blogging department. Since returning from guiding and coaching in Portugal it has been full steam ahead in the AQR guiding, coaching and riding department in more ways than one…plus there is a new addition to the Potter family who is certainly keeping me […]

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Back in the saddle

Nathan’s back and he’s got a new steed – a single steed!

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2001… 2011… Beyond

Then. Now. Now then.

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Well, I AM going to be on holiday...

Indulging a passion

I’m off on holiday next week – going to visit the girlfriend’s parents in Germany, but first – we’re going to be going to Belgium. Yep, we’re off to see some cyclocross! I did exactly the same last year, and wrote about it in our blog and really enjoyed myself. I have shockingly little experience […]

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