There’s a mechanic in the house

Nathan gets his ride altered.

October 7th, 09 2,897 By:

It Never Rains

Well, obviously it does. But it never rains when I need it to. For the next issue of Singletrack I’m sorting out a group test of jackets. Ever since I’ve had the jackets to test, my rides have seemed to coincide with dry conditions. And quite warm dry conditions. ┬áSo far I’ve worked out which […]

October 1st, 09 3,239 By:

Show’s over = Autumn

Chipps is back from Vegas and looking forward to some murky weather.

September 29th, 09 2,367 By:

Fresh Blood

Singletrack’s new crew member

September 23rd, 09 3,706 By:

Road Is All The Rage

A beginners guide to road bikes

September 22nd, 09 2,958 By:

Way Down In The Valley.

I’m currently enjoying a few days of release from the office and a bit of time at home and more importantly – local riding! The Valley is an odd and fantastic place to ride, and I’m sure some of our waxing lyrical about it can be a bit boring to regular forum members. But I […]

September 15th, 09 2,940 By:


I’ve shaved my beard off. Not really sure why I shaved it off. It just felt the right thing to do. There was nothing wrong with the beard. I liked it. Other people seemed to like it too. It had just served its time, and it was a nice time. A great time. Possibly the […]

September 15th, 09 2,503 By:

Gurt Big Hills

Chipps muses about those really, really big mountains you find on the Continent.

September 10th, 09 2,328 By:

Orange Bits

Tales from my travels to Halifax with sneak peeks of new stuff and cake.

September 9th, 09 3,907 By:

Eurobike – Ja for schure!

See what I did there up above? Did you see what I did in the blog before I went away? Yes it was stereotyping. In a way it’s funny because they’re essentially describing exaggerated truisms about a race of people. But they’re also unhelpful. People are individuals as I’m all sure we think we are […]

September 8th, 09 1,990 By:

How far away are they?

After a day of mucho rainio and excellentio trailsio yesterday on the hills above Irun…….imagine technical, rocky Lakeland trails and you’ll have a good idea of the type of riding we were doing, we were glad to waken up to normal service of blue skies and rarely seen in Blighty big shiney disc in the […]

September 5th, 09 1,333 By:

El Scorchio Notio

Dias Uno in El Bigio Brotherio Housio! Arrived late last night to the rural B and B in an old converted farmhouse to find what seemed like a concerningly large double bed. While I’m in touch with my female side, the thought of Mark spooning sent a cold shiver down my spine. Thankfully, the room […]

September 3rd, 09 1,317 By:

Working hard in a Basque

Just arrived in Basque Country to stay with It’s me and Sanny here. Last time we both went on a biking trip together we were in Austria and it rained for most of the trip. It’s raining here. Hmmm. I’m quite tired at the moment but I’ll be putting together a few quick video […]

September 3rd, 09 1,488 By:

Back To School

I spent the Bank Holiday weekend up in Swaledale with my other half (who’s a teacher) enjoying the last few days of the school holidays. When you’re a pupil the school hols seem to last for ages. But the six weeks this year seemed to absolutely fly past. This is at least partly due to […]

September 1st, 09 2,781 By:

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