The Site got Updated

A list of things to look out for: Obviously the theme has changed somewhat. The ad-bar at the top means Premier users lose that completely if they reduce the ads. The black bar at the top, the “user bar” has a dropdown menu with links to your new profile area. Here you can upload an […]

October 29th, 10 5,056 By:


I’m Back

19 weeks and 5 days have passed since that day. Today I went back out on my bike for a proper ride. I awoke to a beautiful day, the sun was shining, there was a cool crispness to the air and I knew I had to go. It started with a bit of an uncomfortable […]

September 25th, 10 4,523 By:


This could affect you, archaic browser user.

It’s been coming up for 2 years since the great unexpected new site and forum incident of Christmas 2008. In that time we’ve been tweaking the site here and there, and leveraging in the Premier system. But the time has come that we need to do a bigger revamp to make the code more performance […]

August 23rd, 10 4,292 By:

Bolt Through

Hip Hop

The inevitable hip update looks good from one perspective but bad from the other one.

May 26th, 10 2,994 By:


GWS Tom2

Tom2 has broken himself in Spain

May 11th, 10 4,244 By:


Forum Search Returns

Hamsters at the ready.

April 7th, 10 3,735 By:

Photo 2

Spotify Top 10

The spotify comp continues.

March 29th, 10 2,646 By:

Screen shot 2010-03-02 at 10.47.26

Techy Blog Part 1 (updated)

Singletrack’s “IT Dept” Tom with some noughts and ones for you.

March 2nd, 10 2,259 By:


Bikes, bikes everywhere but not a single one ridden

So, bikes all weekend but I didn’t actually ride one…

February 8th, 10 2,260 By:

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