Commute Part Two

Keeping the faith.

December 9th, 10 7,528 By:


Right Tool For The Job

Matt says “Snow is bad!”

December 2nd, 10 8,219 By:


Keep The Faith

Matt’s not manning the barricades.

November 22nd, 10 5,045 By:


Eurobike Survival Guide.

If you don’t have to go to places like Eurobike for a living and you’re a bike nut, I guess you could be envious of myself and Chipps. The reality though really isn’t that much fun – Eurobike is massive!! 13 halls, all the size that you could easily have an entire 5 a side […]

September 3rd, 10 6,132 By:


Mumblings From The Lost.

Matt thinks most of us think office hours suck.

March 17th, 10 1,751 By:

Huck off

How Much?

Matt thinks things are still good value – possibly better than they’ve ever been.

March 6th, 10 4,349 By:

Sacroiliac Say's no!!

Giffer Alert!

Matt has incredible tight buttocks.

February 8th, 10 2,937 By:


Inner Nerd Comes Out

I’ve always thought i was a bit of a geek.. well I know i’m geek – I’m far to excited by waterproof materials and the the weights of tents and sleeping bags to be otherwise.

January 21st, 10 3,145 By:


“There Is More To life Than Increasing Its Speed.” UPDATE!! Part 2

“A sage man indeed, other than driving cars far to many miles far to fast to one meeting after the other , the rest of me seems in some kind of slow moving stasis”

December 14th, 09 4,882 By:

I love winter!

It’s odd I bitch for the whole year about its arrival, but without fail something about this time of year triggers my riding gland into some final end-of-year spurt of activity.

November 30th, 09 2,998 By:

Way Down In The Valley.

I’m currently enjoying a few days of release from the office and a bit of time at home and more importantly – local riding! The Valley is an odd and fantastic place to ride, and I’m sure some of our waxing lyrical about it can be a bit boring to regular forum members. But I […]

September 15th, 09 3,048 By:

Eurobike – Ja for schure!

See what I did there up above? Did you see what I did in the blog before I went away? Yes it was stereotyping. In a way it’s funny because they’re essentially describing exaggerated truisms about a race of people. But they’re also unhelpful. People are individuals as I’m all sure we think we are […]

September 8th, 09 2,091 By:


I’m out of the office tomorrow. I realised as we came back from Morzine that my passport had literally days left and if I’d have been there a few days longer in France I could have been stuck there (which wouldn’t have bothered me if I’d ended up stuck in Morzine but it would have […]

August 25th, 09 1,683 By:

Trust Folk

Hello all, Just had a weekend away with my Missus in Dartmoor. Lying around in a tent, reading a Complete Saturday Guardian, beer, wine, barbecue, mild sunstroke, the usual stuff that makes a break. Plus a great ride on Sunday. My main reason for returning to Dartmoor was after doing the route guide in issue […]

August 11th, 09 1,357 By:

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