Megavalanche Virgin no more…

A belated blog on Mega-virgin Jenny’s experience at the biggest mass start enduro race in the world…

October 22nd, 12 7,622 By:

Super tavi, super steep...

Diary of a Megavalanche Virgin Part 3: Win some, lose some…

Well it’s been a while since my last blog and mixture of progress and epic fails.

April 30th, 12 14,350 By:


Diary of a Megavalanche Virgin Part 2: Skills Time

It’s time to get the skills to pay the bills – or at least to prevent any serious glacier based incidents

March 6th, 12 14,751 By:


Green’s Gravity Enduro: An introduction

Our new gravity enduro correspondent would like to introduce himself…

February 28th, 12 8,285 By:


Diary of a Megavalanche Virgin Part 1: A hill in Wales

Jenny’s never raced a mountain bike – what better introduction than the Megavalanche then?

February 7th, 12 10,467 By:

Connecting stages provide plenty of time to chat as well as recover

Guest Blog: Ally at the 661 Gravity Enduro at Kielder

Round two of the 661 UK Gravity Enduro in Kielder came about really quickly for me, I got a new bike (Transition Covert) from the guys at UK importers Surf-Sales only a few days before the race plus we’re also straight off to Vancouver for a month of riding right after the race too, (yeah, […]

June 14th, 11 6,928 By:

F1 bling...

A different (Mercedes Benz) World…

Jon spends a day out of the office geeking about cars rather than bikes

May 27th, 11 10,151 By:

Race day was muddy...

Guest Blog: Ally at the 661 Gravity Enduro at Ae Forest

We’ve got Ally from Campbell Coaching to give us her thoughts and impressions as she races her first full season of the 661 Gravity Enduro. She’s no stranger to enduro racing tough, having taken part in the Mega Avalanche in years past: Enduro style racing has it’s home in the Alps with some classic and […]

May 16th, 11 7,037 By:

Shiny shiny syndrome

Technology is ace. Most of the time.

January 10th, 11 12,096 By:

Alpine mountains

Press Trippin’

Jon is in the land of Lapierre…

June 23rd, 10 5,388 By:

Mike Thickens at Flims Avalanche Cup Round 2009

Avalanche Bloggers: Mike Thickens at Ae

Guest blogger Mike Thickens on the recent Ae Avalanche Enduro and course tape.

May 19th, 10 2,742 By:

Long stems are evil

Seven things…

Some thoughts on seven bits of technology that have made riding bikes even more ace.

April 30th, 10 5,151 By:

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