Subs Deals – What are we playing at?

Mark tries to explain why we offer freebies to new subscribers and what it is we are trying to achieve

October 2nd, 12 9,782 By:

More strip hotels.. The leky bills must be huge!

Premier Interbike: Mark’s Blog

Interbike is over and we are just killing time for a day before we fly back to the UK. For Chipps this was Interbike number 17, for Jon it was his first. I’ve now done three. Vegas is an amazing city, but don’t let the use of that adjective fool you into thinking it’s necessarily […]

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My Spotify Top 10

Mark’s musical musings.

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Premier Accounts – The future of publishing?

It’s a bit of a long one this.. Sorry Premier Accounts are our answer to the growing and rather worrying trend in the publishing industry for people to stop buying magazines and newspapers. It’s an odd phenomenon because if you ask people if they prefer a printed mag over an online version in the main […]

November 17th, 09 4,232 By:

How far away are they?

After a day of mucho rainio and excellentio trailsio yesterday on the hills above Irun…….imagine technical, rocky Lakeland trails and you’ll have a good idea of the type of riding we were doing, we were glad to waken up to normal service of blue skies and rarely seen in Blighty big shiney disc in the […]

September 5th, 09 1,435 By:

El Scorchio Notio

Dias Uno in El Bigio Brotherio Housio! Arrived late last night to the rural B and B in an old converted farmhouse to find what seemed like a concerningly large double bed. While I’m in touch with my female side, the thought of Mark spooning sent a cold shiver down my spine. Thankfully, the room […]

September 3rd, 09 1,457 By:

Working hard in a Basque

Just arrived in Basque Country to stay with It’s me and Sanny here. Last time we both went on a biking trip together we were in Austria and it rained for most of the trip. It’s raining here. Hmmm. I’m quite tired at the moment but I’ll be putting together a few quick video […]

September 3rd, 09 1,597 By:

No Busman's Holiday Thanks

Once a year I like to get away from it all. And by that I mean I like to have a week away from bikes! Now don;t get me wrong – I love bikes. I’d be in the wrong job if I didn’t, but to get to my desk every day I have to walk […]

July 13th, 09 1,228 By:

Comment on the comments

Is it me or are the people posting comments on our stories getting increasingly more negative and cynical?  SRAM launch their 10 speed groupset and within minutes of Dave posting his report from the launch itself the comments are ‘what’s the point?’, ‘it’s all just marketing bollocks.’, ‘It won’t work’. There’s even someone whining about […]

May 26th, 09 2,055 By:

Chicken Dance Extravaganza

Having been to Canada a couple of times to do mountain bike stuff with the help of the tourist boards over there, I’ve ended up on the mailing list of the Alberta Tourist Board. Usually I get press releases about new trails opening at one of the many bike parks and I even get mailings […]

April 14th, 09 1,515 By:

nPower just doubled our electricity bill

nPower have doubled our office electricity bill because we didn’t write a letter to them in September to tell them we were switching suppliers in December, even though at the time we were quite happy with the rate we were paying them and didn’t actually see a need to switch suppliers.

March 17th, 09 1,803 By:

Statistics, swearing and those bloody ads again!

Swearing can be funny, stats are great but not when an insurance company gets hold of them to try and prove that cycling is dangerous and ads are here to stay and you need them as much as we do ultimately… No really!

February 11th, 09 2,295 By:

Business as usual

The forum post frequency is returning to its pre Christmas level now, which is reassuring and I reckon a big indication of a return to normal service is the number of posts involving passioned and often irate posts about tiny, insignificant issues. It feels to me that if we can all get really pissed off […]

January 8th, 09 2,563 By:

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