Drying out

Euro Roadtrip Part Two

Like the Dolce Vita, but with bikes and a van

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All hail the Euro Roadtrip

There’s a lot of “it’s on the way” planning to make a trip worthwhile

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Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 13.48.08

Motorists vs Cyclists? Really?

It’s okay folks, we’re completely harmless

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And there's more on the way

What’s in your sack jack? Part one.

With another extended cold spell predicted and forecast snow for the weekend, Dave looks into his winter bag

January 17th, 13 17,976 By:

So good we had to ride it twice...

Monday Morning Debrief No.3

And just how awesome was this weekend? Sun, blue sky and hard frozen, fast riding trails…

December 3rd, 12 9,949 By:

Minimal mud build up considering

The Monday Morning Debrief No.2

This weekend was all about the local, riding straight from the doorstep and as it turned out alone. Dave gives his Monday Morning Debrief.

November 26th, 12 11,512 By:

Fremington Edge best climb in the valley

The Monday Morning Debrief No.1

In the first of our Monday Morning Debriefs, Dave fills us in on what the weekend held for him and a group of friends in Swaledale…

November 19th, 12 6,785 By:

Nearly in Austria, but still in Bavaria

Other people’s trails

  I reckon 98.5%* of my riding is done on trails in a 20km radius of where I ride, because we’re lucky that locally there’s enough variation and quality of riding that justifying travelling out of the valley seems pointless. That same variation and quality also means I get to spend a fair amount of […]

September 5th, 11 5,745 By:


How weekends should be….

Dave experiences some great riding on uncrowded trails.

March 10th, 10 2,902 By:


Snow good

I get real pleasure from riding in snow, especially if  I’m officially “stuck at home”.

February 11th, 10 3,271 By:

Oh the irony

So a week ago we retreated up to Austria from Slovenia due to the combination of high temperatures and high humidity making riding just a little bit too much hard work. In retrospect and facing the inevitable homecoming rain that seems pretty stupid now. Regular readers will realise we’ve a bit of a soft spot […]

August 26th, 09 1,454 By:

Words done, van packed. We’re outta here.

You can’t beat a good deadline rush even though it’s early this issue thanks to the efficiency of Sim and Ben at the helm. Finished words for the next issue yesterday, then in true male tradition started packing for our trip this morning. A random assortment of bike kit has been thrown in the travel […]

August 6th, 09 1,249 By:

Local Rides for Local People

We’ve a simple rule in our house; If the sun’s shining we’re out riding. And so faced with the prospect of having to sort out the garden fence it was a pleasure to pull the house rule out of the bag for a “get out of DIY” card. The local loop is a goldilocks route. […]

July 25th, 09 1,167 By:

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