GREEN! My New Long Termer

Now that the Genesis Alpitude has been finished with it was time to get another Long Term project in. And after a LOT of deliberation here is what I’ve gone for… I’m going to build it up as a All Day Mildy-Hardcore Hardtail Trail Ripper. Or in other words a bike for doing lots of […]

August 23rd, 09 1,791 By:

You Had To Be There (Or Maybe Not)

This issue is on The Plan as being the “Interview” issue. For such an apparently straightforward feature they always seem to end involving a surprising amount of work/hassle – both beforehand and afterwards! Trying to “synch” diaries with people in the bike industry seems to be a bit like herding cats. Actual face-to-face interviews are […]

August 18th, 09 934 By:

Issue 52: Update

AKA the Ben & Sim issue.. right then, words and pics are beginning to trickle in. I’ve tried to chase up some words from folks and hopefully by the end of this week we could have about 25% of the mag’s “raw materials” in for Sim to stitch together into prettiness. Many pre-thanks to ST […]

August 4th, 09 1,042 By:

Out Of Office

You may have been wondering why the front page of the site has been quiet this week. Well, we’ve all been in Morzine on the 2009 Singletrack Magazine Reader Holiday hosted by Flow MTB. A full report will be in the next issue but in the meantime here’s a little teaser for y’all.

July 31st, 09 989 By:

Off To Morzine To Meet 'n' Greet The Readers

We’re off to Morzine tomorrow for this year’s Reader Holiday (kindly hosted by Flow MTB). Myself and Matt are just back from a week’s hard riding in Norway. Marky The Mark is just back from a no-bikes-allowed holiday in the Med. Sim and femme fro-rider Charlotte are coming along too. Neither of them have ridden […]

July 23rd, 09 1,187 By:

Guest Editors / Temporary Promotion

As you may already know, Chipps is having a well-earned rest for few weeks (well, if you can call hauling yourself self-supported across the Pyrenees a “rest”). Which leaves myself and Sim kinda in charge of the next issue. Not sure whether the mag will look or feel any different with us two young(er) rapscallions […]

July 20th, 09 1,101 By:

Making Hay

Even though I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday messing about on two wheels under scorching sunshine I still felt the urge to “play out” on Sunday afternoon…

June 1st, 09 2,125 By:

Did You Enjoy Summer?

Well, I’m glad I made an effort to do a lot of riding during the decent weather we had through April. But… CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A SUMMER THIS YEAR FOR GOD’S SAKE??? That is all.

May 18th, 09 1,101 By:

Benji's Bandito – Minty Fresh

(£449 RRP from Raleigh) This year’s mantra for me is to learn how to jump properly on proper jumps. It’s a funny old game. You pretty much have to unlearn a lot of the way you normally ride a mountain bike. It’s been very hard to stop “soaking up” the jumps and to actually stiffen […]

April 22nd, 09 3,500 By:

50 Confirmed Weekenders

Entries for the Singletrack Classic Weekender are coming in nice and steadily. We’ve probably taken a few more over the Easter break but we passed the 50 mark for processed entries last week. Woop! I’m really looking forward to this event (even though I’m not competing as I’ll be marshalling and observing the Classic Trials). […]

April 14th, 09 1,041 By:

And the Oscar for most crowbarred-in reference in a Press Release goes to…

.. the Lake District National Park Authority! “As Oscar winning film Slum Dog Millionaire hugs international headlines, Lake District village halls are celebrating their own big cash windfalls. There is no fanfare for the £27,000 pledged to give a vital boost to buildings which form the heart of communities. But the Lake District Sustainable Development Fund knows […]

March 4th, 09 1,087 By:


In the continuing saga of “sorting out downstairs” I’ve been spending a great deal of time shinning myself on lots of random wheels that are littering the Singletrack offices. There seems to be something about wheels. No matter how useless or battered it may be, we cyclists seem loathe to throw a wheel away. And […]

February 9th, 09 1,230 By:

Singletrack Workshop Refit

Our workshop isn’t in the neatest of states at the mo… So with this in mind we’ve just taken delivery of an “Action Station” from PAF Systems. It’s a “work bench solution for those with limited space.. despite its heavy duty capacity, it folds flat against a wall; perfect for the home mechanic as well […]

February 4th, 09 2,579 By:

Benji's Long Termer – Genesis Alpitude

A peek into the staff bike shed reveals a lot of changes for 2009. Here’s “Part 2″ of Benji’s thoughts on his Genesis Alpitude (“Part 1″ can be found in the new 47th issue of Singletrack Magazine)…

January 30th, 09 8,571 By:

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