2001… 2011… Beyond

Then. Now. Now then.

March 13th, 11 9,633 By:

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My God! What Have I Done?

Banji “Anakin” Haworth confesses.

July 16th, 10 9,415 By:


Name Names

Benji doesn’t have the words.

March 26th, 10 2,571 By:


Jamaican Me Crazy

Benji predicts more cool runnings.

February 22nd, 10 1,824 By:


Need To Ride. Have To Ride. Won’t Ride.

“Bike-Polar Disorder”

January 26th, 10 3,417 By:


Yes Snow. No Snow.

There are two types of British mountain biker.

January 11th, 10 3,567 By:

Home For Bikes

As you no doubt appreciate, when looking for a house it had to be bike-friendly.

December 9th, 09 3,744 By:

Best Bits Oh Nine

How was it for you?

November 26th, 09 3,545 By:

Bike Shufflin’ Time

Benji’s bikes’ complete normality is about to end.

November 3rd, 09 3,906 By:

Happy New Year!

We’re currently in the process of working out what we’re doing throughout 2010. Route guide destinations, bike test themes, feature ideas, interview candidates, group tests, travel articles. This involves taking a step back and looking back on this year and trying to work out which features worked and which didn’t. It also involves a degree […]

October 20th, 09 2,224 By:

It Never Rains

Well, obviously it does. But it never rains when I need it to. For the next issue of Singletrack I’m sorting out a group test of jackets. Ever since I’ve had the jackets to test, my rides have seemed to coincide with dry conditions. And quite warm dry conditions. ┬áSo far I’ve worked out which […]

October 1st, 09 3,332 By:


I’ve shaved my beard off. Not really sure why I shaved it off. It just felt the right thing to do. There was nothing wrong with the beard. I liked it. Other people seemed to like it too. It had just served its time, and it was a nice time. A great time. Possibly the […]

September 15th, 09 2,608 By:

Back To School

I spent the Bank Holiday weekend up in Swaledale with my other half (who’s a teacher) enjoying the last few days of the school holidays. When you’re a pupil the school hols seem to last for ages. But the six weeks this year seemed to absolutely fly past. This is at least partly due to […]

September 1st, 09 2,934 By:

‘Tis Done

Issue 52 was sent off to the printers last night. Nice work Sim “Moonlight” Mainey! It’s been a particularly difficult issue to do due to various people being unavailable to contribute -not just paid Singletrack staffers but our usual team of helpers (freelance or just plain free) has also been “otherwise engaged”. Yet we still […]

August 27th, 09 1,999 By:

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