Motorists vs Cyclists? Really?

Every now and then as a web editor you get random mail that has some advertorial or story punted to you that’s filed under ‘trash’. Here’s an example posted in by some ‘Content Production, Promotion, Training & Consultancy’ company hoping for a bit of  web traffic to be pointed at Policy Expert, who I’m guessing sell insurance.

“With the relationship between motorists and cyclists often being reported as at boiling point, Policy Expert has just published the results of a survey into differing attitudes between the two – with some surprising results.” The email tantalisingly begins, before continuing…

“Cyclists fared well in the survey overall, with 15% of motorists saying they wished there were more cyclists on the roads, and a further 30% considering them completely harmless. 

Perhaps more surprisingly, the survey also found that 35% of cyclists believe they should have insurance to be allowed to cycle on the road, and a third of cyclists would drink and bike, with 31% saying they would cycle after having two or more pints of beer or large glasses of wine.”

Here’s the whole infographic.

It almost made it to the trash folder after I’d emailed this reply:

“I think we’re very unlikely to run what appears to be at best a very poorly worded survey and certainly one with such a poor message drawn from the results.I’m surprised you’re even asking a cycling website to run it but fair play for persistence.
“Considering them completely harmless” – that one gets a proper lolz.
Cheers (that’s me having a drink before cycling).
But I thought you guys and gals might just enjoy seeing it too…