The Monday Morning Debrief No.2

This weekend was all about the local, riding straight from the doorstep and as it turned out alone. Best laid plans and all that; which meant not taking any overly interesting photo’s, sorry kids.

Saturday saw a quick blast with Pip the Patterdale. She actually behaves herself around other dogs better when she’s running with the bike. Most of the doorstep riding is more akin to a water feature than to singletrack at the moment, so I was quite glad the I’d lit the woodburner before we set off so we both had somewhere to thaw/dry out when we got back. A short and sweet ride managing to miss the heaviest rain? That’ll do nicely.

At least the standing water washes off the mud.

Sunday was timed to avoid the deluge and make the most of the brief appearance of blue skies and sun. A bitterly cold wind made the decision to leave the dog at home easier which meant a longer ride was possible.  I tried to choose a route that stuck to rock and hardpack as much as possible though the return part of the loop was considerably wetter and muddier than the start. I was glad to have got out, first ride of the winter in softshell and merino glove liners done.

Mid ride - minimal mud build up considering

For the winter I’ve built the Highball alloy up 1×10 and so far I’m pleased with how it’s running in the clag. With the clutch equipped rear mech I’ve so far managed to avoid needing a chain device, if the chain starts dropping I may revise that though. More info on that soon in a Long Termer update.

Loving the clutch

Meanwhile over the hill Sim and Matt are riding slither-tech™ when it all goes wrong. Dry stone wall top stones meet Matt’s ankle and from the looks of things Matt’s ankle comes off worse. Ouch. Broken or sprained? No news at time of writing…

Matt's dry stone cankle

If you got out at the weekend, let’s see your photo’s here:

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