Perpetual Motion

Chris Hoy watch out

Like many people who envelope themselves in the world of two wheeled fanaticism, I set myself an all-together too familiar new year’s resolution:

‘Ride my bike more’

January brings with it a sense of optimism. The promise of twelve months where the two-wheeled possibilities are endless – so many routes to ride, places to see and a renewed commitment that this year will be the year of the bike.

How that simplistic statement can fill you with untold enthusiasm! But, as has been the case for myself and many others, there’s also another familiar thought that overcomes the mind when the joyous season of summer has come-and-gone – ‘I didn’t ride my bike as much as I could.’

Extra shifts at work, family commitments, the tedious tasks of daily household life and a million and one other chores have a habit of eroding the time we aim to set aside in January in aid of glorious pursuits.

Other halves may question your love affair with an inanimate piece of steel, aluminium, carbon or titanium and point out that riding your bike is merely a hobby and as such, it’s importance is overshadowed by the more serious things in life, but at its core, bike riding also contains an element so fundamental to our existence that it’s place in the hearts of you and I will forever be guaranteed – fun!

Without fun, we’d all be in a much worse place.

So, if you begin to feel your resolution is fading away in the coming months, don’t bemoan your lack of saddle sores, instead relish the time available to you and make the most of having fun…