Indulging a passion

I’m off on holiday next week – going to visit the girlfriend’s parents in Germany, but first – we’re going to be going to Belgium. Yep, we’re off to see some cyclocross!

Well, I AM going to be on holiday...

I did exactly the same last year, and wrote about it in our blog and really enjoyed myself. I have shockingly little experience of Belgium and the Netherlands, despite them being just over the Channel and every time I come over, I always vow to return again soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to get over a couple of times this year and see a couple of the spring classics and maybe ride one of the sportive events. How’s that for an excuse to get a new bike?

Let's see how they do it properly - spectating and racing alike...

The car is (mostly) serviced and has a new CD player after the last one went bonkers in the extreme cold. That’s about all we need, isn’t it? That and some Ginsters?
Well, hmm, that’s it. See you in a week!