Getting back in the Saddle

On Christmas Eve it will have been four months to the date since I last rode a bicycle.

What’s my excuse?

Well I can give you a long list of them – injury, work commitments, weather, lethargy, travelling yada yada yada – in the end, all they will ever be are excuses.

Now it’s time to rectify that situation and I need some help from the ST faithful – your words of encouragement and any stories of similar experiences are welcomed.

First, I’ll take you back.

In late August, the 2010 TransWales finished, an event which my brother and I competed in and both enjoyed. With a few days to go I developed a lump in my leg.

Said injury enforced a two week lay-off, during which my motivation rapidly evaporated.

Since then, I have took refuge in the comfort of my bed on any free weekends and when seldom the notion of riding a bike crossed my mind, the sight of rain, wind or even dark skies seems to be enough to scare the thought away quicker than a rat up a drain-pipe.

I currently have a half-built SS in my living room (i like SS just to keep you informed), a shelving unit full of tools and parts gathering dust and some new rubber that’s itching to get to grips with fine trails – but in computer terms, the hardware is all fine, it’s the software that needs re-programming.

What do you do when the idea of riding isn’t that appealing?

Some of you will say “I’ve never had such a thought” – and you have my envy. But to the others who wake up on a planned riding day and think ‘Do I really want to do this?’ – what keeps you going?

What makes you get up and want to ride a bike?

2010 is nearly over and it will be remebered in part for a lack of riding – help me make 2011 the year of the Bike for me.