Commute Part Two

Well no hub gear box appeared. I’mĀ still trying to keep the faith. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve had enough of the “freeze”.

There’s some base instinct that makes me want to eat cheese/fatty meat/fortified grape drinks. Then repeat. Hibernation in other words.

There’s some science to this apparently; people who work for the arctic survey teams or live in prolonged cold climes, notice their bodies start demanding more and more calories. Obviously if you were an Inuit hunting whales in -30 and living in an igloo that would makes sense. The cold demands a lot more calories from your body to keep you warm. However if you’re already a “comfortable” sized European driving a skidoo and living in a roasty toast Antartic base camp with Flat screen TV and and a tax free bar, it’s probably not so useful.

But there you are. Cold weather triggers something primordial in us. I love the look of our landscape encrusted in snow and ice. But I seem to love it more from the wrong side of the double-glazing… whilst trying to work out if you can inject melted cheese into a roasting pork belly…

Anyway… I need to ride! I can feel my body clogging up. The mist is descending over my eyes. My lower back is doing its creaky thing that seems to get worse without exercise. My “bad” (more bad than the “quite bad” other) knee is doing its dying bird impression – only I can hear this of course, the grating squaw of a shot seagull falling to the sea. All in my head.

So I made myself get up this morning and slipped into something more comfortable and wandered over the tops to work.

Winter induced colour-blindness.

Maybe the urge to eat all that food is to do with it not being obvious whether the sun is going up or coming down? This is 9.30 am..!

Even the mighty phallus that is Stoodley Pike has shrunk in the cold.

Proper fast weirdly grippy if you don't brake icetrackā„¢

Not a bad commute, hey.

Liver and bacon (with stilton) anyone..?