Keep The Faith

Well I’m sure as most of you know, mine and Emily’s house was robbed last week.

Yes I was angry and depressed at being robbed. But most of all the feeling that someone that had been in our house while we were in there (it’s possible I had already left for work that day). Leaves a horrible creeping dread that won’t go away.

A little about me and my views here…

I’m not calling anyone scum. I don’t want to hang anyone. I believe that there’s a direct correlation with education/employment/poverty and our endless need to have new stuff to make our lives seem better and lack of opportunities for so many, that we are all in someway complicit in making a culture that makes crime of robbery and theft  to an individual seem to make sense to a few.

The thing that I really hate about being robbed is how by the act itself  it makes me change my behaviour so that I move towards the attitude of  a lot of people these days; it makes me distrust people intensely.

For the first time since I’ve lived in my home, I’m locking us into the house. During the day I was quite happy with both doors unlocked until now. My cellar is turning into Fort Knox – which means getting bike out is a pain in the arse. I’m wondering about boarding over windows.

I’ve also been looking at cars going past when I finish work for the day – which is clearly fruitless. “Is that the people who robbed me?” And who should I decide that it  is? Is it the kids in the old Corsa? The bloke with the battered van? There’s an amount of unconscious racism in my behaviour as well.

I don’t look twice at apparently well-to-do people. The Crime is turning me in to someone that stereotypes people. What ‘s next? I’ll “get ” the Daily Mail?

To temper all this I have had so many emails from people I either hardly know (or don’t know at all) offering their support or sympathy. The thing makes me feel better is most of them seem to understand that while the theft of physical things is upsetting, it’s the invasion of somewhere where you’ve felt safe that is the real long lasting crime. The one with that leaves the bad taste in your mouth, makes you look over your shoulder, makes you distrustful.

All of those emails of course also remind me that far more people are good than bad. Most people wouldn’t even think of robbing you. Walking into your house or any of the other myriad of things that degrade your life in that moment and our whole community in general.

So.. I’m going to be more cautious. I am going to lock stuff. But I’m not going to let it take over my life. If it’s hot in the summer, I’m going to have the upstairs windows open.

I’m not going to barricade myself in.

Doing that makes them win.