Xmas is just around the corner, but before the Xmas tree is decorated Mr Potter and I have to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Today we Potters have officially been married for 7 years….we could ignore this special date in Potter history, well Ian could, but I believe significant dates in our lives should be celebrated. Ian on the other hand tries to get out of acknowledging these significant moments with some excuse, such as:
(1) XMAS, because I didn’t make him mince pies last year it wouldn’t really be Xmas.
(2) EASTER, as I’m an athlete chocolate Easter eggs will slow me down, so no point believing in the Easter Bunny.
(3) BIRTHDAYS, apparently every day is my birthday?!?!?
(4) 7 YEARS OF POTTER MARRIAGE, he loves me each and every day, so no point making a fuss on one day of the year.
So I decided that unless he made a fuss this year in the present department I was going to become the evil mechanical witch who accidently brakes and destroys all bike bits she touches….including Mr P’s Soda (sorry Cy, but he has to learn).
I decided that we didn’t have to spend a fortune on an anniversary present, it’s the thought that counts after all….so I set a 10 euro budget on our gifts. I wanted to teach Ian that putting thought into a present means more than simply asking me what I want for my bike each year.
The only time Ian has truly surprised me and put thought into a present was our first Xmas 9 years ago. I received a flashy pair of wheels and disc brakes…..Ian’s mum actually made him give me some perfume as well because she knew where those wheels were headed. 6 months later those wheels were on Ian’s bike and I was given his apparent ‘much better’ hand me downs.
So we decided to spend the morning shopping for our 10 euro gifts in Toulouse the day before our special anniversary day, and then race back to Luchon in the afternoon to ride the mountain trails.
Don’t you hate it when all good plans end up backfiring on you. We arrived in Toulouse with plenty of time to shop, but finding a nice gift to surprise your loved one that is less than 10 euros was harder than I expected. It was midday and Mr P was smug as a rug as he had found the perfect gift….s for me, so he said, in the first hour. I noticed he had 4 or 5 bags. But I was bag-less.
I needed more time, but if we were going to ride the trails in the afternoon I needed to find something quickly or we would run out of daylight. I was really proud of Ian for his anniversary efforts, even if it appeared he had overspent…..but I also knew if we didn’t escape the shopping centre soon all hell would break loose from both Potters….as we both suffer ‘too long in department store syndrome’.
I finally found a bike shop and decided there must be a 10 euro present in there with Ian’s name on it…..and there it was a shiny silver BELL with the name ‘HUFFY PUFFY’ on it. It was perfect and reminded me of the little white bike that went on top of our wedding cake 7 years ago…..as it was called ‘Huffy’ too believe it or not. It was perfect and would match his Cotic Soda. I thought he could use it when he is training me down hill and ring it every time I hold him up….he would love that….save straining his vocal cords.
I felt a bit evil only buying Ian a bike bell, here we go the Potter Angel in me has raised her ugly wing. Before I knew it I had bought him some MTB dvds, an X-box game and some chocolates….he is on a chocolate diet at the moment for those of you who see Ian eat salads for lunch whilst AQR guiding, ever since I told him a ‘little’ bit of chocolate is good for you, he now uses the phrase ‘A block of choc a day keeps the doctor away’.
So my 10 euro rule went out the window, but I felt good for breaking the anniversary rules that I set…I was thinking of Ian and that was the whole point of this exercise.
Unfortunately we were stuck in a traffic jam by the time we escaped the Toulouse department store. We had chosen a sunny, warm, cloudless November day to go shopping….what was I thinking!?!? As we were now on motorway go slow not a word was spoken as both we Potters could see the Pyrenean mountains in the distance sparkling bright with the sun beating down on their snowy tops. Apparently Luchon experienced a HOT November’s day, but we arrived home as the sun disappeared over the mountains and all warmth from the sun had disappeared….DOH!
Never mind, look on the bright side I say, as there was a good chance our anniversary would be another brilliant day in Luchon the next day and we could make an early start and ride all day long.
Well it started as we expected, sunny and bright. Time to open presents…YAY!!!
I presented Ian with his first prezzie, the ‘Huffy Puffy’ bell….ding! ding! Unfortunately I was more excited about the bell than Ian was. But seeing his face light up when he opened his other presents was worth every extra euro I spent.
My turn, as always I love surprises…..Mr P handed me my first present…..I pulled out a bell!
You what?
He liked the idea that instead of hollering for my attention he could just ring my bell. I then found out that the extra bags he bought were for himself as he said that I didn’t set any price limits on our own personal shopping list…..so double doses of mountain bike dvds, X-box games and of course chocolate for Ian this wedding anniversary.
But then as the sunny day turned to KP pouting inside my mood seemed to have an effect on the weather, just as we were about to ride off for some proper trail action it rained. I blamed Ian of course.
Minutes later, and to my surprise, Ian said he had another present for me. It was a voucher. As I read closely it was a piece of paper with the title ‘A VOUCHER OF OURS’ (Ian can’t spell, so it wasn’t french bears, but ‘HOURS’). Ian knows me better than anyone and realised that the best present for me this anniversary wouldn’t cost anything but his time, so he presented me with a 100 hour voucher of hiking and biking Ian Potter time that I could use this winter, even when all he wants to do is eat chocolate and sloth.
So biking was out due to the change in weather, so instead of relaxing by the fire as most normal couples might do on their anniversary, I had a voucher to use up…6hrs plus of hiking in the high mountains in search of more Luchon trails to be ridden UP, DOWN AND AROUND in 2011….I even got to build me a snowman! Yippee!!! Best anniversary ever.