This could affect you, archaic browser user.

It’s been coming up for 2 years since the great unexpected new site and forum incident of Christmas 2008. In that time we’ve been tweaking the site here and there, and leveraging in the Premier system. But the time has come that we need to do a bigger revamp to make the code more performance friendly and be able to add new site features – for both standard users, and Premier users.

These changes will happen in a staggered fashion (we all know how you lot react to change :) ) as we have to make sure things are working for us and we’re not inundated with issues that need dealing with. There’s no set timeline, just that it will all begin in the coming weeks/months.

I’d like to announce right here right now that we will be dropping support for Internet Explorer 6 (you know the browser that came out in 2001 and has been superseded by IE7, IE8, and soon to be IE9). That is not say we will go out of our way to make it not work, but neither will we go out of our way to make it work. Facebook, Youtube, and various other sites have already sowed these seeds of defiance.

There are two types of IE6 users. Those who don’t even know what a web browser is – they just double click the ‘E’ logo on their desktop (and avoid all Windows updates because they’ve been told to say no to everything in case it’s a virus) – and those who are forced to use it in a work environment.

I have great sympathy for those in the work environment, but the times they are a’changing. And just because our own government can’t see the need to upgrade doesn’t mean we should support it.

If you’re a singletrackworld user and have no choice but to be hindered by IE6 then there may be a few options out there for you. One is Firefox portable that lets you run Firefox from a USB key. If you know of other workarounds then feel free to post them in the comments.

If you are baffled by what a web browser is then have a look at to get an explanation.

P.S. You’re better off using Chrome or Firefox or even Opera anyway. IE9 will apparently sort all of IE’s issues with its standards, HTML5, and CSS3 support.

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