Here again with my non bike/ride related blog and no chickens either I’m afraid :-(

Hope everyone is well. It’s been a while and with it being quiet today, with just little old me on my own while Tom1 is on hols, Mark riding in Morzine, Tom2 festivaling ( a word you may not find in the dictionary, but I often like to make up my own ‘claireisms’) and Ann’s day off, thought I’d say hello all.

Well I’m a little sad to report that my  living off the land, and my smallholding dream came to an end in June when I discovered that I would be receiving a rather unexpected Christmas present this year…a baby. Meaning having to move from my beautiful little cottage in the countryside to somewhere large enough to accommodate my growing family. Leaving behind my adapted bike shed/chicken and duck house,pond, flower patterned wellies  and dreams of ‘the good life’ behind me. I was fortunate to re home  my little egg laying, daily breakfast providers with friends of mine which means I get to visit them. It’s not quite the same though.

Oh well maybe in the future I can start to rebuild my dreams again, but for now it’s back to supermarket shopping.

My little boy is due in December,but shhhh it’s a secret, haven’t told anyone its a boy yet :-) Unsurprisingly, for those who know me, my name choices are Jon, Keith and Richie. For those who don’t know me, I have a ‘thing’ for Bon Jovi and Keith Urban. ( I know, I can’t help it, it’s just one of those things. We all have our little oddities and times in life that just stick with us)

I must apologise to anyone who has been unlucky enough to have to communicate with me when I’ve been having a ‘pregnancy brain day’  For those of you who have suffered or wives/ partners have suffered with this terrible illness you will know exactly what I mean.  From, on numerous occasions telling people I live at number 18 (I’ve never lived in a number 18 house) , forgetting where I’ve parked my car, then realizing I didn’t even come in my car, to being unable to answer the phone because I’ve  forgotten which button to press!  It’s not easy for any normal person to deal with, so you can imagine how frustrating it is for dippy me.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend all,

Claire x