My God! What Have I Done?

I’ll come straight out with it. I’ve been loaned one of those there road bikes. This one to be exact…

focus cayo team replica

Focus Cayo Team Replica 2010

Focus Cayo Team Replica 2010
Price: £1999
From: wiggle

There are may reasons/excuses that I can come up with for getting a road bike.

Some are vaguely work related: “cashing in” on the current Tour De France fever and giving a dyed in the wool mountain biker’s take on things, satisfying a curiosity about The Dark Side blah blah blah.

Some are even vaguely mountain biking related: I want to get fitter for a series of Gravity-based Enduro MTB events that I’ve signed up for (starting with the Fort William 6hr Downhill Enduro later this month).

Some are vaguely domestic related: my other half likes to ride on the road occasionally.

But I suppose the main honest reason/excuse is that I just think that modern road bikes look cool.

I’ve never particularly taken with the retro skinny-steel-and-wool-jersey “good old days” aesthetic/fashion. I can see why some people love that sort of thing but it’s not for me. I suppose it’s similar to owning a “classic car”.

Just looking at this modern day road-going carbon fibre dart of a bike makes me slightly excited. Balls to having a leaky MG. This is like having a bit of Formula One in the shed. It looks fast standing still.

It’s only in fairly recent history that road bikes (and a new generation of road riders) have started to look cool (to me). I don’t doubt that some of you will still think they look a bit silly or whatever. But stepping back a bit, in my eyes, it’s mountain bikers who desperately need some styling advice. Roadies are looking cool, BMXers are looking cool, flipping urban hipster FixieTw*ts are looking cool. Mountain bikers are letting the side down. Baggy and drab.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh yes, first ride…

The first ride on the Focus Cayo was only a short 5 miles and back (to where my other half works). The outward journey somewhat predictably nearly killed me. The sheer lack of any resistance is amazing. I quickly found out that the only limiting factor was going to be my body. Needless to say I was soon sweating my face off and vomiting my heart out of my nose. I was also not ready for how well modern road brakes work. I did an accidentally very impressive “stoppy” at the first set of traffic lights. Eep!

One pleasant surprise was how un-scary the handling was. Yes it was quick but it wasn’t sketchy or twitchy. It felt graceful and fluid. Despite riding on the rough roads of Manchester it wasn’t that uncomfy or harsh a ride either.

After waiting around for a bit for my other half to finish work and get on her bike (I had arrived much quicker than I had anticipated!) it was time for the return journey. The ensuing enforced slower pace of riding with someone on a £300 steel commuter rather than a £2000 carbon race bike made me realise how effortless it was to cruise along on the Focus Cayo. If I can resist the temptation of heart-vomitingly pinning it all the time, I think it might be nice to tap out a leisurely 50 miler or something.

What is happening to me?

• New Focus Cayo carbon frame with BB30 bottom bracket and tapered head tube.
• Focus carbon forks.
• New SRAM Force drivetrain.
• New SRAM Force chainset (50/34).
• Fizik Arione saddle.
• DT Swiss R 1900 wheelset.
• Continental Grand Prix tyres.
• Tapered head tube.
• BB30 bottom bracket.
• SSPS (Stable Stiffness per Size) – adaptive increase in tube diametre for maintaining equal stiffness in all frame sizes.