California life and the instructing of bikes

So the reason for me not blogging over the last month or two is because I’m working as a mountain bike instructor, canoe & kayak instructor and life guard at a summer camp in the San Bernardino mountains in California for the summer. I’ve been out here for about a month and a half so far, and it is the craziest summer ever. Getting to live the Cali lifestyle for 3 months doesn’t happen that often. As far as mountain biking goes for a summer camp we have got a pretty great set of mountain bikes, in total 26 ‘KHS Alite 300′s’ which serve as perfect bikes to teach kids how to mountain bike on.

A view of the camps bike set-up

The trails are absolutely amazing if not just for the views through the valleys of the mountains but also the flowy singletrack trails that undulate all through the terrain that our camp is set in. One of those trails is the Santa Ana River Trail, which me and my co-workers are still exploring. There is so much to talk about from my trip, but for know thats it. So have a great summer riding bikes.

Late evening view from one of our local trails at camp.