A Brief History of Lime…

Christ on a bike. What an interesting few days…
Scotland is finished. Done. Dusted. No more. At around half past three this afternoon, we pushed through Gretna and over the border. All well and good I hear you say. Very bittersweet though – just a couple of miles down the road we came across a terrible accident involving three cyclists and a car, with the air ambulance parked up and our way forward blocked. Sobering stuff, and the rest of the ride to Carlisle was both muted and respectful.
The last three days have been nothing short of a blur. As a team, we have had the distinction of working well in times of great duress, and finding our limitations. I’m sure that, if spoken to, the other three would confirm that I can be a total arse; self absorbed, aggressive, impractical, surly and demonstrating a whole manor of different but no less problematic traits. All of which have manifested themselves on this ride. There have been some astonishing high points – Joe the policeman walking into Glencoe YH with a bag of cakes for the ride; The awe-inspiring scenery between Loch Ness and Loch Lomond; The companionship of Chris and Gemma from Cycleworld during a bloody wet ride on cold sodden tarmac. And the lows too; Midges, fighting with my beautiful wife, fighting exhaustion from the ride and treatment; and thinking a great deal about my illness and its implications.

Scotland is just awesome. I find it hard to describe in words just how amazing the environment, hospitality and people are. I’m genuinely sad to be leaving, and for two ┬ápins I’d move up there if I didn’t have to stay near the Marsden for treatment.

In fact, I might just turn around…..

I will try to update tomorrow. Thats all folks!