Transwales Express

It’s been over a month since I received my entry confirmation for this year’s Transwales and laid out my worries and plans for the event, so here’s an update on how my preparation has been going (or not).

Back then, I mentioned that I had two main concerns regarding the event:

A-     My severe lack of fitness

B-      My lack of a suitable bike to ride

Somehow, the past 4 or so weeks have vanished in a flash and my fitness hasn’t improved at all! In fact, I’ve barely been out on my bike for any substantial period thanks to sitting my finals at University and then going on holiday for a week.

However, far from being overly concerned, I’m feeling slightly optimistic with regards to fitness. I’ve scheduled at least 2 good rides a week into the coming months and I’m going to ditch the car and cycle around town to get to the shops etc – as I figure any extra riding has got to help!

By the way, there are still spaces available if you’d like to try the event this year just click here.

Now, the important bit – The Bike.

I’m still undecided as to what bike to get for the Transwales. I’ve decided to go for something in the 100mm travel category, as anything more is likely to be too much. So an all-mountain xc styled machine with lightweight and comfort being the key ingredients is on the menu.

Which leads me to a quandary. There are a lot of bikes in that style out there – so which one do I go for. So I’ve made a bit of a short list of some of the ones I like for you to comment on and help me decide which one would be best. Or you could also suggest others and lead me back to square 1 :-)

Option 1: Sunn Shamann

The Shamann comes with 100mm travel SID World Cups, Rock Shox monarch shock, Sram X9 gearing, Truvativ Noir cranks and mavic crossmax wheels. Sunn claim the bike weighs in at 22pounds.

Option 2 : Cube Ams Comp

The AMS has 100mm reba’s, Manitou radium shock, Shimano deore shifting and cranks. Suggested weight is 28 pounds.

Option 3 : Merida Ninety-Six

The Ninety-Six has a 100mm Manitou fork, Sram x9 shifting and Fsa cranks.

Option 4 : Scott Genius 50

The Genius is a little different to the other bikes on the list as it comes with 409 revelations, giving a little extra travel up front yet it still weighs in at an apparent 29 pounds.

These four seem like the most likely to me, except I can’t decide which one to go for – any ideas?