Press Trippin’

I’ve just arrived in Chatel, France to attend the Lapierre press launch – they’ve got a couple of new big bikes for us to try out, including their new lightweight DH rig with an interesting linkage system and an updated Spicy freeride/all mountain bike. More news on them when I get to ride them tomorrow..

Alpine mountains

Ahh, proper mountains..

After a rather early start and flight into Geneva, Steve Jones and Jonny from that Dirt Magazine and myself went for a spin up the hill on the bikes we brought out with us to do the Passportes Du Soleil this weekend. My bike is a Chumba VF2 running the optional Cane Creek Double Barrel – with 140mm travel and a reasonably light but burly build I reckon it’ll do the job just fine. With no lifts running we climbed a few hundred metres up the mountain before descending down a bermed blue run (People, if you know the area) before briefly venturing into the North Shore section of the freeride park.

Busted tyre

Single ply tyres running No Tubes + sharp rocks = milky juice everywhere

A rocky section gashed my tyre sidewall so we stopped at the pump track as I repaired it, then did a few laps of it. I eyed up a medium sized drop in the park but got stage fright – it’ll have to wait til tomorrow when the big bikes come out I think. We had a bit more of a fireroad bash that led us to a rather tasty bit of rooty, steep, natural singletrack. It’s always nice to vary the riding a bit – bike parks are great fun but you can’t beat the challenge of the real thing I reckon. We then climbed back from the bottom of Chatel up the road to the hotel but managed to detour via a pub. Bit of a Welsh connection going on there – as a trio of Welshmen we found ourselves in a bar run by one. Tidy. Anyway, off for dinner now…

Well earnt? I'd like to think so..