REST..? KP Does Not Do Rest!

I’m really sorry I have been slacking on the Singletrack blogging duties. It’s very unlike me to not want to write about my current biking expeditions, whether that be guiding in the Pyrenees, training up a mountainside in a ‘KP’ unexplored part of the world or even racing somewhere….out there….golly gosh I’m singing ‘Wizard of Oz’ songs to myself now.

But I have to be careful in case I get ‘FOUND OUT’. It’s hard to keep anything away from hubby Potter right now, especially if it is bike related. I have been on an enforced REST……no training, no riding up mountains, a home holiday in Luchon….aghhhhhh!!!!!

I’m afraid my definition of ‘REST’ (I spit on that word) is probably quite different from the average persons preferred interpretation of that word. But I’m kind of hoping that writing on a biking related websi

te may sooth the inner turmoil pounding inside my chest and which is causing me more anguish than I deserve right now, perhaps a small percentage of you will share my views on that evil word ‘REST’ that right now I’m cursing….and yes I’m cursing you too Mr Potter!!!

I don’t quite know how to explain the life of the Potters, sometimes we race, sometimes we guide, sometimes we coach, sometimes we explore new trails, sometimes we build new trails…. but always we ride our bikes…..ALWAYS! So to be told that one cannot ride her bike is not the right medicine to make one feel better. A holiday should not involve time off the bike, it should involve ‘restful’ time ON the bike. But Ian won’t buy it….says I’m being delusional as he grabs his downhill helmet and prepares to go off into the sunset with AQR’s downhill demon Russ. I shout at Mr P, ‘I’m the wife, it should be ME riding off into the sunset hand on grips, foot on pedals and ready to roll off road with YOU.’  I try to give him my most loveliest KP smile, so he can’t refuse…but he knows me too well and is not persuaded, besides I think he prefers biking with Russ anyway…for some reason he feels more relaxed riding with Russ than going on a KP biking adventure…seriously?!? He won’t even let me drive AQR’s mini bus ‘Mini Blue’ for their uplift….because she keeps breaking down too lately….every time I touch her…honestly I’m cursed. So I’m stuck here in front of a computer dreaming of riding my bike up or down or around a mountainside…..mmmm, a thought?

… I suddenly got a touch of writer’s block. These things happen when you are trying to write about an amazing biking experience. Unless I experience the ‘experience’, I’m going to continue to suffer from writer’s block. I may not be 100% (yet), but my body is not used to complete rest, so I’m freaking out and doing myself more harm than good by sitting around and waiting to feel better…in fact I’m slowing the recovery process as far as I’m

concerned….that is based on my degree in KP exercise medical history and a father who believes that the best cure for any illness is a 3hr run and a pint of stout….’sweat it out of your system luv!’

I decided it was time to ride the ‘Black Rock’ single track descent…one of my favourites. I would take it steady up the climb, and make the most of the descent. I would behave myself (promise), but make the most of the experience (of course). I know this trail so well, but today I wanted to experiment and try different lines without worrying that the boys might be waiting for me…I’m so used to being the slowest descender when out riding with Ian and Russ. So I decide today I was going to be the fastest downhill demon in Luchon, as I only had myself to race against and surely winning a downhill race against Me, Myself and I would be fantastic therapy and get me back on track for future biking adventures :)
I admit I took the short cut on road, a measly 6km of steady tarmac climbing (which is such a first in the KP hill climbing department, my poor Cotic Soda had to be reigned in and told to stop tempting me), up the Col de Peyresourde we trudged, just in case Ian and Russ returned home early. It wasn’t the most exciting climb, as I know so many off road climbs out here that I love to test myself on, but it would do for now, and just remind my brain and body that the sooner I get back up to healthier speed, the more trails I can play on. I took my time checking out the view overlooking Luchon….my home, but I still don’t get bored of it. I adjusted my knee and elbow protection, and even tightened my helmet strap…I was ready to fight the fight…I let go of the brakes and off I zoomed….

….psshhh (that was supposed to be a deflated tyre sound effect). You have got to be kidding me. I had only zoomed off road for less than 20m and now my back tyre was down and out. To my horror I had forgotten the mountain bike rider riding essentials…my fully equipped for any mountain biking emergency backpack. I was in such a hurry to ride my bike I forgot my darn back pack that has all the tools, tubes and pump…aghhhh!!!!
All was not lost though as Ian and Russ suddenly appeared from around the corner…this could go two WAYS, they could be nice and lend me a tube and pump so I could be on my way, or be utter b*%$£tards and leave me to walk home. To my surprise Ian pitied my plight and even took it upon himself to fix my puncture for me….ohhhh my hubby ain’t so bad after all (he got a cuddle for that)….until I realised there was a third ‘WAY’…In my apparent best interest I would not be descending off road today until I was 100% better. Mr P stood his ground and forced me to descend on road, back the way I came…DOH!

So I will be back with another blog very soon,when I work out how I can slip by Mr P and ride on with my recovery.