Introducing: A week in the life of work experience Dom

Hi everyone, I’m Dom I will be helping out with photo-shoots and video stuff/work experiencing at Singletrack for the next week. So i’ve been given the task of writing my own blog. A bit about me before I start.

At the moment I am at the end of my gap year after working in retail for the last 8 or so months and doing a bit of photography and film work on the side to keep things exciting and of course as much riding as I can fit in. I’ve got just over 3 weeks in the UK before I go off to California, USA to become a mountain bike instructor for 3 months. And then I’m off to Derby Uni to study ‘Film and Video Production’ which I’m really excited about.

A bit more about my riding habits. I’ve been riding for about 2 years now. I’m from Oxfordshire so are riding is reasonably flat with the exception of the Ridgeway and the odd bit of slight gradient. I ride a Ragley Blue-Pig set up in a kind of do it all guise and like to keep my genres of riding pretty mixed up and fun filled.

I’ve done bits of work/experience with STW in the last year or so, including a work placement with them for a week last summer, some of the work that i’ve done for them in the past include; product photo-shoots, helping out at the classic weekender and also creating the title sequence animation for the regular STW video podcasts.

So I will try and keep my blog updated daily with more about what i’ve been getting up to.



P.S one of the photo jobs I did this year was a press event launch with Kylie Minogue.