Hip Hop

It’s been just over two weeks since my accident and with how my leg was feeling I was very optimistic of a quick recovery. Crutches have been hard work, and the long weekend in a wheelchair in Amsterdam was an eye opening experience. Let’s just say everything is a challenge, from planning every little trip out to the way people look at you.

Last Monday I had the staples out where they had entered my leg to do the bone joinery. It’s a neat scar, if a little pirate like. Yesterday I went to see the UK based orthopaedic surgeon. They took an X ray and said the Spanish had done an excellent job. But to be sure of a full recovery and reduce the risk of necrosis – that is the severed bone head dying due to lack of blood supply and requiring a full hip replacement – I should treat it with lots of care. And that means another 7 weeks of no weight bearing activity. To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement. You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone is very true as I stare longingly at my bikes hanging at the corner of my home office… where I can continue to work (thanks internet).


Here we see the hiptastic severed from the grandiose upper shank.

Bolt Through

And bone reunited using the new industry standard 7mm triple bolt through. (With titanium upgrade kit)

I miss out on the Cannondale Press Trip to Utah, I miss out on Fort William, I miss riding my bike.

This does mean, however, I can get stuck into Singletrack V3.0.

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