GWS Tom2

“It’s true, it’s broken [Femur]. Well it was broken, they operated last night and screwed it back together. Great hospital service here, I highy recomend it.

“I came down a slightly rooty section at speed which knocked me off course. This course had a launch ramp which fired me into a tree. I broke two large branches with my left shoulder which spun me round in the air and landed hard on my right hip from about 7 foot up. Rolled around a couple more times and landed in a puddle. It’s all on video though it goes black from the tree impact.

“I thought I was ok but couldn’t really stand on my right leg. We decided it best to walk back up the trail to the road. So I used a bike as a walking stick and hobbled to the top then laid in the sun for a bit while Mark and Sim fetched the van.

“When we got back to the house I managed to crawl up the stairs and then realised I’d locked my room and put the key in the fruit bowl in the kitchen. So I hobbled back down the stairs, got the key, then hobbled back up. Somehow I managed to get my kit off and have a shower. The step into the shower cubbicle was excruciating. I still thought it was a bad sprain at this point. I’ve not had a broken bone before.

“Then I sat in bed for a while and when Jude came home (she’s the Joyriders founder and used to be a nurse) it was decided to take me to hospital.

“They saw me almost straight away and x-rayed me. The ball at the top of the femur had separated cleanly where it narrows before turning into leg. They placed me onto a bed and immediatelly called the surgeon.

“I was wheeled in for surgery at about 11pm. Under the influence of an epidural and some happy drugs they got to work. At one point I awoke during the operation and although there was no pain I could feel and hear them drilling into my bone.

“Next thing I know it’s morning. My leg’s all bandaged up I have a catheter sticking out of my penis. I also no longer needed a dump so I wonder if I pooped myself during the operation? Thankfully no one has mentioned it.

“A doctor visited me this morning and said the operation went extremelly well. I can’t put any weight on it for a month and then I might require some physio. It feels fine right now though. The leg moves without much effort. The night before the doc had speculated 4 months of crutches so well have to see how that goes.

“Jude was fantastic throughout all of this. She stayed till I went into theatre and was back here at 10 this morning with some food and clothing. She also acted as a translator. I can’t thank her enough.

“The plan is to be in hospital tonight then back at Joyriders tomorrow and fly home on Friday as planned.

“It’s alright, I lol’d as well.”

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Sent from my hospital bed.