The Transwales Express

I received e-mail confirmation a few days ago that my application for this year’s Transwales has been successful – I’ve received my team number (I’m in the paired event) and been given my instructions, primed and ready for action.

Now, I’ve tried some hard sports and attempted some pretty difficult tasks before, but completing 500km of riding, encompassing 1500 metres of climbing spanning the entire breadth of a country, just for the hell of it, all to be completed within a 7 day limit – that is something else!

My first problem is I don’t have a bike to ride!

I’m unsure what my best form of approach is for the event. Should I go? (Thoughts welcome here)

A- Lightweight hardtail carbon XC ‘you’re gonna be in the saddle all day’ styling

B- Full Sus 150mm fork ‘give it hell’ shredding,

C- All mountain 100mm front 100mm rear ‘take the bump out of things’ approach

Nathan Playing on some North Shore

My second problem is I’ve just entered the Transwales!

See, I coaxed my brother into entering the event with me (I won’t name him here in case he gets stage fright.) He was sceptical about doing such an event but I assured him we would be fine and complete it no problem, after all we think we’re the dogs danglys after shredding (cough) through a red graded trail centre route having survived unscathed – bring on the Transwales I said– It’ll be easy!

Now, after reading up on the event a little more and chatting to a few people who have done the event, I fear I may have underestimated things just a little.

Evidently, The Transwales is one hell of a CHALLENGE – something that will take you to the brink of collapse, making you question your own sanity, ability and insignificance.

“It’s not the Tour de France” I said to my brother.  “Aye, and you’re no Lance Armstrong” he said.

Neither of us have ever ridden a bike competitively before.  In my two years of riding, bikes have only ever been a guilty indulgence so if ever there was an event to test yourself in, surely this is it?

Hence the 2nd Issue – Fitness, or rather the lack of.

I sometimes struggle with 15 miles, never mind 500. On inspection, our daily diets are probably more geared for pie eating contests than endurance athletic events and my gym dedication is sporadic at best.

At least I like to cycle in the sunny weather – we’re guaranteed sun this year aren’t we?

So, the event is on the 14th August. That gives me a little over 3 months from today to prepare for my first ever Enduro event. If you want to enter you can do so here

I’m going to record my training on here every few weeks to let you know what I’m doing to prepare and why I’m doing it.

Suppose I best get going then…………