Name Names

Tony Lund from Lancashire County Council has just called in with a big piece of paper. It’s a mock-up of the route map for Lee Quarry. It has all the new trails, skills area stuff and the already-famous new pump track. Tony has been kind enough to offer us the chance to name the trails and sections. Previously I’ve not had a problem coming up with trail names, much to the chagrin of some curmudgeonly more-elderly riders ;)

I like naming trails. I also think it’s very useful for talking about rides and trails with your riding group if trails/sections have a silly name rather than having to say “you know the one that goes…” all the time and getting all mixed up.

But suddenly being “commissioned” to “officially” name trails has left me a bit stumped. Although I’ve been to the Quarry a fair bit I still have trouble recalling the stuff that’s there – sufficiently enough to come up with a suitable name for it anyway.

I shall have to visit Lee Quarry again ASAP and take a pen and notepad with me this time…

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