How Much?

I’ve noticed more and more complaints along the lines of “HOW MUCH?” about the price of bike parts,”You could buy a car” etc.

It’s true that especially in the last couple of years there have been price hikes which have been more to do with the power of the pound and dollar, but I think things are still good value – possibly better than they’ve ever been.

I can imagine a lot of you are already think that I’m talking bollocks or that being in the privileged position that we are at STHQ we are too far removed from the day to day to know what’s what price wise. That may be true but we need to wander back in time.

Back in 1996 at the bike shop I worked at, a pair of Rockshox Judy DH’s were around £600.00. For that you got elastomer 80mm of undamped suspension (well damping as we know it ) and we could sell those all day. After, you were sold a pair of White Brothers hard body cartridges and a pair of springs for another £200.00 so they’d go up and down.

..and check out the reviews..

They’re ace! They’re Shit!

If you adjust for inflation, Rockshox at today’s prices would be £840.00 and the cartridge and springs would be another £280.00!

So looking at the fork market today, A pair of Rockshox Lyrics U-turns are £799.00. For that you get a 170mm fully adjustable fork that has real damping, proper internals and you can adjust them to pedal uphill as well as down.

Propbably something closer to the old Judy would be a SID. How much? £639.00 for 100mm of travel that weighs 3.27 pounds. That’s just one example of one brand of forks.

I remember my first full suspension bike was a GT LTS 2. It was £1799.00 with canti brakes Rockshox Indy forks and a very basic Rockshox coil rear shock – it never got full travel as the nylon bushes were so useless. It didn’t stop and flexed more than a Mastercard. Before a year had gone by I had the bearing kit (which you needed to make the thing work), V brakes and a pair of Bombers, which were astronomical at the time.

That’s £2500.00 now. I’d probably go and buy a Specalized Pitch or equivalent and take the bike on holiday with the change.

So yes things seem to be expensive – but view it in the whole and bikes are still ace value for money ;]