Digger’s Diary – It’s ready

Pump track.

The digging is done, the trails have bedded in and the new Lee Quarry trails are now ready to ride. The pump track was tested and the bits that didn’t work were pulled out and rebuilt. You have to work hard on it, but the rewards are well worth it. You don’t have to be an expert either, just start by trying to get all the way round without pedalling. Start with wheels on the ground and ‘pump up the jam’. There are going to be some shenanigans on this little track at the Singletrack Classic Weekender

Pump it like a milkmaid

It’s not all pumping, humping and thumping though. There are two new climbs. Here’s a shot of the new first climb, which opens up the northern area of the quarry.

I rode it first....on this Wacker plate

The whole section was built using the uber tool of trail building – the walking excavator. This thing can move in so many ways it’s freakily alive. Have to say I was a bit spooked by it, especially when it just walks off down a crazy steep slope. I also had to scramble about underneath it, chucking rocks to act as foundations for rock slabs that the big machine was holding up.

Andy controlling the walking excavator...or is it controlling him!

Looking up the 1st climb

Looking back down

Keep going up this climb and you’ll tackle plenty of rock slabs, giving plenty of technical challenge. This red graded trail then goes into smoother singletrack with a couple of wall rides thrown in if you fancy them.

Ey up!

The skills area features are now all connected together into loops. In addition to the balance beams, see saw, step ups and rocks slabs there are now berms, learner table top and drop offs, rollers and loose rock surfaces. Hours of fun are to be had.

Skills, thrills and....er, no belly ache

Learn to do drops offs....or step ups

Leading down in to the skills area are four new lines approximately 250m long, which are graded from red to black. There is a red pump line and berm line and two harder berm, roller, jump lines. You’ll have to go up there to see them though, because I haven’t had chance to photograph them yet!

Leon peering down into the abyss of Lee Quarry's Slab

And finally….There is now a Slab to rival the one up at Gisburn Forest.

It goes down....FAST

Made in Lancashire.....from big bits of stone

The next instalment of this blog will be all about the nearby Cragg Quarry and the new 4.5km trail that is there.

Ed Oxley

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