Snow good

Snow is good

T'Alps, that is.

Snow is good.

There I’ve said it.

Snow is good and this is one of the best winters we’ve had for a while with plenty of proper winter days; snow on the ground, biting wind and a big bright blue sky above.

I get real pleasure from riding in snow, especially if  I’m officially “stuck at home”. Snow riding is different, it’s an opportunity we don’t get much of so I always try to make the most of it when it comes. Why waste time diggin out the car when you can be out there playing and learning. Snow riding is skill building, there’s a certain finesse to maintaining forward progress. A subtle game of balance to main traction and control front tyre drift. I like the wrapped up warm and still out, cheek burning as hail bites, painful thawing in the shower reality of it all.



But best of all when winter hits I like the idea of heading out for a week of skiing down big mountains, because this is what snow does best. The similarities are all there; balance, technique, speed, commitment, progression and the need to stop thinking and let your body relax and get on with the job.

I think I’m addicted to another mountain sport.

I know I’m addicted to mountains.