No longer a spring chicken

I was a little concerned over one of my chicks when I brought her home,  she was half the size of all the others and thought she might get a little bullied.  Being only 5′ 2″ I can honestly say from experience that the best things come in small packages :-)  But as you can see she’s doing fine. Anyway, I’ve called her titch for now, but obviously can’t leave her stuck with that name, so any ideas for chicken names for the girls would be gratefully received.

Nearly the weekend too. Although gone are the Friday nights drinking far too much sambucca  and bringing home traffic cones or street signs and waking up still in the clothes I went out in ( I never did that, honestly).  Think it started as I hit 30, my body just couldn’t cope with the hangover anymore and I would spend the whole of the following day in bed. I’ve noticed a few things since I hit that 30 mark ,that I seem unable to do now. Hula hooping, skateboarding and running up the stairs two at a time being  just a few of them. I thought getting a Wii would be so much fun, until it rudely  told me that my balance was very unstable and my wii fit age was 47!  A far cry from my actual age of a mere 31. It just caught me on  a bad day I think :-)

Right, back to work. Off downstairs for a bit to do shop stuff.