Jamaican Me Crazy

I’ve been to Jamaica for a week. Sorry about that. It was work. Honest.

I did a lot of things. I rode a lot of trails. Most* of which you’ll be able to read about in the next issue of Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine.

But while the Winter Olympics are still on I thought I’d mention something relevant.

Remember the film “Cool Runnings”? Improbable but (fairly) truthful depiction of Jamaica’s first Winter Olympic bobsleigh team. Well, there a bunch of folk in Jamaica who want to do the same thing again – but with BMX.

How brilliant would that be? :)

One of the things I witnessed during my time on the island was the Jamaican Bike Bash. Loads of young people thrashing around and messing with bikes of all shapes and sizes. It was a great combination of genuine competitiveness and open-minded un-snobbery. Ride what you brung. There was some seriously impressive bike handling skills and speeds. With some decent – or in fact ANY – facilities you can only imagine the potential that could be unleashed.

I’m now heading off to the bookies to place money on Jamaica winning some Olympic medals in BMX.

* ;)