Giffer Alert!

Sitting at work this morning with that nice post-ride glow from the day before… I also have an incredibly tight lower back, buttock and calves.

Why? Because I was on a hardtail. I’ve loved hardtails. For a long time I didn’t have a full susser of my own and didn’t miss one.

The last few years though I’ve been riding full Suspension bikes more and more. Mostly because they’re so good  up stuff and also faster down stuff.

But maybe I just need them (full suspension bikes) now to protect my body…

Sacroiliac Say's no!!

Saying that, there’s something deeply enjoyable about the pingy-ness of a hardtail. Trying to pop through sections rather than ploughing on. Ultra slow-mo nadgery stuff seems easier as well, I just needed to re-learn that my knees and thighs are suspension units in their own right. Where you’re normally using your legs to push the suspension into the ground for corners (for instance) you may find on a hardtail that you’re lifting and going in “light”.

Part of my problem is my lack of flexibility. As an analogy, if being flexible is a willow sapling, then I’m a piece of 39 year old balsa wood kept by the side of a fire.

I keep promising myself that I’m going to start to stretch every day… but every day seeems to turn to tomorrow or the day after. I think it’s time to bite the bullet, get a unitard and go to Yoga. So Beware.