Agony = Ecstasy

My parched throat combines with an unquenchable thirst, I feel the thump of blood being pumped throughout my body faster than ever before as the sweat flows from my brow and sticks to an already sodden top, then I remember the deep set ache in my thighs which has been there for so long I can’t remember how my legs normally feel – yet despite this, there’s a sadistic smile on my face as I take pleasure from the pain, pleasure from the knowledge that I’ve done something I didn’t think I was capable of.

That was last week – I’m still feeling the effects now.

I was in mental plight last week. My enthusiasm for bikes was weaning – the first time I’d encountered this since I began riding. I hadn’t been on my mountain bike for a month and my plans of accumulating miles on the road over winter has been quashed by the bad weather and my lack of courage to brave the cold weather.

So, with a day off from University, I decided to get back into action and hit the road for some mileage.

I’ve never ridden more than 40 miles in a day before, on or off road – so to try and kick my indecisive state into touch and make a point to myself that I should ride more miles, more often, I decided to double my previous max and aim for 80 miles minimum.

It took me over 6 hours to do a large loop from my house – I can’t actually remember much of the route now, as my memory portrays only a collage of pain, sweat and intermittent relief followed by the agony of another hill – but I’m feeling good.

Why I decided to go so far, I’m still not sure. I was in agony for a few days afterwards and my muscles are only just beginning to operate at their normal capacity again, but the exertions of that day have left me invigorated and rekindled my love of the two wheeled machine.

Same time next week I think

My legs are already complaining….