A brief introduction before I start

Ok, so Tom has kindly given me the power to blog. Whether this is a good or bad thing we shall soon find out. So I’d better introduce myself for those of you who haven’t got a clue who I am or what I do here at the ST Office.

I’m Claire, I started working here a couple of years ago, just part time, but liked it so much I didn’t want to go to my other job anymore, so forced Mark and Chipps to let me come here on a full time basis. So since September here is where I’ve been. They call me the despatch fairy :-) My main job being that of keeping the on line shop ticking over, stock monitoring, processing your orders, ensuring your parcels arrive with you safely and quickly and every Friday running the vacuum around the office!  I’m currently in training to take over from Sarah when she takes some time out with her growing family. So from May I will also be dealing with any subscription queries you may have. That reminds me, if you are a subscriber and you haven’t changed over to our Premier Account, or you may be feeling a little left out by not having your own little ‘p’ symbol next to your username on the forum, then please can you do that as soon as possible ( while Sarah is still here)? – it will make my job a lot easier when I come to take over :-). Just follow the instructions on website by clicking on Premier Users tab and it will guide you through what to do :-)

So work wise that’s me.

At home, I live in a little cottage in the countryside, currently trying to build a life where I can live off the land. I started off with three chickens in a converted bike shed in my back yard, but spent this weekend chopping back trees and putting fencing up for my new additions (6 baby chicks, currently living in a cardboard box on my dining table under a heat lamp and some ducks that will be arriving in March) to live. I’ve never kept animals, apart from a cat and hamster, nor have I ever grown my own veggies. In fact, I’ve some how managed to kill off any reasonable hardy garden plants I’ve had over the last few years, so the life I dream of is going to be rather a big challenge for me. So weekends are pretty busy for me at the mo, plus with my two 14 week old dogs that I got for Christmas, it’s like living at a petting zoo.

So that’s a little about me. I like a good rant now and then, but mainly I’m a happy, smiley soul, who’s feeling a lot better now I’ve lost my blogging virginity.

Wishing you all a lovely day,


PS. A pic of my puppies (as requested by chakaping)…