New Year + New Plans

Today is my first day back at ST Towers in 2010 – and, as has become the norm of recent, it was below freezing, on the verge of snowing, as I set out for the office.

My brother facing the winter conditions

My brother facing the winter conditions

It’s slightly surreal to see people continuing their lives almost oblivious to the conditions, accepting the snow and ice as standard British weather – any other year and the sight of such a white mass would have been accompanied by high-pitched squeals of delight from the local children – this year such novelty has long since worn off.

Ironically after leaving the office for the last time in 2009, I decided that I would endeavour to accumulate as many miles on my bike as possible during the holiday period.

Unfortunately, the sub-zero temperature, the stubborn mass of snow, a distinct lack of adequate thermals and the charming allure of a warm sofa ensured the only action my bike saw was a second rate servicing job courtesy of my own, still clueless hands!

Now I realise that there are many of you who braved the arctic conditions that have managed to bring most of the country to a stand-still to hit some trails, and for that I give you my respect – you’re braver folk than myself.

However, optimism is returning as the thaw begins and my lack of riding has allowed my imagination to run wild with scenes of 12 months full of biking bliss and, while I didn’t partake in any ‘real’ riding during the holidays, I did spend many hours on a stationary bike and that training has left me feeling relatively fit and ready for a year of MTB action.

So with 12 months ahead, I’ve made a few initial plans and I’m intrigued to know what plans the ST readers have for the coming year?

First up – I fancy a trip back to one of my favourite trail centres: Llandegla. Then I’m planning a weekend away at Dalby Forest, as I’ve never been before.  Lastly on the my list so far is the big one, as I plan to travel back to Dalbeattie in early February to conquer my fears and take on ‘The Slab’ once again!

All I have to do now is wait for the snow to melt – where’d I put my slippers!

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