Home For Bikes

benjiconI’ve just moved into a new house. Bicycles had a significant influence during the whole process. As you no doubt appreciate, when looking for a house it had to be bike-friendly.

It had to have a cellar that could hold half a dozen bikes … And have decent workshop area potential … An outside shed/garage is nowhere as good in my experience (or as secure) … It needed to have non-carpeted hallways … The front room had to able to accommodate a pair of daily commuter bikes … The bathroom floor needed to be big enough for a pile of muddy clothes … The back yard needed to have an area to wash bikes … And so on and so forth.

And although I don’t have any trails on my doorstep (unless you count Chorlton and Sale Water Park), the house is close enough to the train station and the motorway – so getting to good riding areas isn’t actually too arduous.

I guess the main potential hazard I need to be wary of is my weekends disappearing into a void of DIY and decorating!