Holiday Time

It’s great being a student. We have extended holiday periods, our weekly schedules are not overly pressing and generally speaking, we have lots of free time to hit the trails if we so desire – providing the night before wasn’t too excessive!

So, courtesy of University schedule, today will be my last day at ST towers for 2009 as I will return home for the Christmas break in a few days.

It’s been a very interesting year for me.

I’ve made the transition from skill-devoid novice and bike mechanical technophobe, to semi-competent rider (cough cough) with at least an inkling of what my Bottom Bracket is for! I’ve also learnt how to complete a few basic repairs which I’m very happy about.

That said, I shall be back in 2010, to continue my biking education and hopefully ride more of the great trails this country has to offer.


Ride my bike? Or lay about?

Until then, it’s time for relaxation, overindulgence, rubbish TV and perhaps, some bike riding.

I say perhaps, because, of all the things I may get up to over the festive period, riding my bike doesn’t automatically spring to the top of the list. Sure, I would love to go out and ride 100+ miles several times a week – after all I have no other pressing engagements to keep over the holidays.

Yet, the thought of dragging my turkey stuffed body through the no-doubt atrocious festive weather is running a distant second to the idea of wiling away a few weeks in complete and utter laziness – after all, which would you choose?

So I return to Ireland this weekend, with an obligatory stop at one of the 7stanes centres scheduled before I board the ferry at Stranraer.

I’ve made a habit of visiting Kirroughtree on my way back, and this journey will probably be no different from the norm – however, it’s strange to think that Kirroughtree may be the last MTB action I see in 2009.

So I’m set to go and my bike is ready for the potential punishment it may receive in a MTB packed holiday period. On the other hand, my belly’s prepared for the punishment of excessive consumption it may receive should I opt for the lazy option – surely that’s what a New Year’s resolution is for anyway – to banish the memory of festive excess?

Now all I have to decide is which type of Christmas this is going to be!

Heads or trails……