Cyclocross = cheap, fun cycling

Genesis DayOne

The Genesis Day One - it needn't be spendy. Catch one if you can.

No sooner had I written a blog about how expensive (but fun) cyclocross can be than Genesis Bikes send over a Day One ‘cross bike. We’ll be reviewing it later next week, but I’ve just been out for a quick shake-down ride and came back smiling. Yes, it’s only got one gear – but I seem to be lurking near bottom gear on my flash bike most of the time. It’s a few pounds heavier, but this entire bike costs less than my Hakkalügi’s rear wheel…

Look for our ‘Impluse Buy-ke’ feature next week on this bike. Don’t believe us? Since this bike turned up on Tuesday we’ve been on the phone had two more turn up and all of them are sold to Singletrack staff and contributors. Three of them sold in a week? Does that make us ‘Dealer of the week’ or something? :-)

More after the weekend. Now, dare I race the Bingley ‘cross on it next weekend?