Best Bits Oh Nine

benjiconWe’re putting together the next issue at the mo (yes, I’m fully aware it’s due at the printers early next week) and because this is the December issue it’s got a lot of “Best Of” stuff in it. As is usual with such lists I find it really difficult to think of anything worthy of a nod and then as soon as I flick back through the year’s back issues – and have a look in my Camelbak – I end up with a massive list (as should be the case seeing as I’m the tech Editor bod). This list is far too long to fit on to my allocated page, so then comes the even more tricky feat of narrowing it down. It’s tempting to just include all the swishest, coolest, tech-geeky stuff. But to do that would mean missing out a lot of the less showy, humble, just-doing-its-job type stuff. So hopefully I’ve whittled down the bath water and not thrown any wheat out of the window with the chaff. Or something.

I’ve also just sifted through your votes for this year’s Singletrack Reader Awards. Most of the chosen winners I agree with although there are a couple of categories where “my” choice came last! We had thousands of votes this year so thanks very much for that :)┬áThankfully it was a very simple automated process that counted the votes up for me – unlike the “good” old days where we had to go through individual emails and do a manual tally.

Right-oh, I’d better get back to writing some words about helmets now. Toodle-pip!