Road Rage

With work schedules and family life – although I don’t really have either – I guess a lot of you are like me (I don’t mean mechanically backwards either) in that you try to get out on the trails at least one evening a week.roadrage

I’ve recently started going out on a Friday night to do a short local loop of about 4 miles – it’s not a lot of trail but its fun and helps keep the mountain bike wheels in motion.

The problem with riding more local trails is that, like most of you, I have to cycle along the road for a few miles before I get to the afore mentioned site – as I’m not lucky enough to live with a forest on my doorstep and taking the car such a short distance is simply ridiculous.

It’s not the road riding I mind – I have a road bike and dare I say it, I quite enjoy the different approach compared to mountain biking – but it’s the motorists that are really getting on my goat!

Last Friday, as I was on the 2 mile stretch of road back to my front door, I was greeted politely by a vehicle tooting the horn and the accompanying passenger shouting “di**head” out the window and also by a van and a lorry who refused to give me any manoeuvring space and almost forced me off into the ditch.

I was well illuminated, with a flashing rear light, front light, flashing reflective armband and semi-reflective jacket on (no back-pack) – so it wasn’t a case of the drivers only seeing me at the last moment. I was cycling just outside the yellow lines – so I wasn’t taking up a massive amount of road space and I was on a main road – so there was plenty of passing space for the overtaking vehicles anyway.

Yet these drivers still found it acceptable to hurl abuse at me and almost cause me serious harm. Perhaps I haven’t had enough years experience of biking and maybe I’m not yet old enough to have developed a withdrawn sense of caring – but these people have really annoyed me.

After reading some old forum threads, I’ve found that this is something that happens to a lot of bikers –frequently!

It seems as though motorists, of whom I am one myself, believe that only they have a right to be on the road. Cyclists of any nature should be applauded for choosing the harder path, avoiding the easy option of vehicular transport – we’re better for the environment too. So it infuriates me when I see people like this who are completely ignorant of anything other than their own self-deluded sense of importance.

Next week I’m going to bring something I can throw back at them – even though resorting to that level that will make me just as bad as them.

Now, where did I put that bag of dog ****…..

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