Working hard in a Basque

Photo 95Just arrived in Basque Country to stay with It’s me and Sanny here. Last time we both went on a biking trip together we were in Austria and it rained for most of the trip. It’s raining here. Hmmm.

I’m quite tired at the moment but I’ll be putting together a few quick video clips of the place later and I’ll post them up on the site. I’m just about recovered from my idiotic start to this trip. I drove up to Glasgow (3.5hour drive) from STHQ on Tuesday to meet up with Sanny and fly from Glasgow on wednesday lunchtime. Only when I arrived at 11pm Tuesday I found I’d left my passport back at the office. You know.. one of those nightmare scenarios you hear of really stupid people doing. You spare them little pity because you always do that ‘has everyone got their passports?’ thing just as you get in the car. Yes, well.. I did that too. But I was so convinced that I’d put it in my bag I didn’t bother to physically check it. So, I spent all of Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning driving back to West Yorkshire and then back up to Glasgow in time for breakfast. Cock!

But, we are here now and I’ve had some sleep, breakfast and we are just about to put our bikes together and head out to see what the riding is like here. It’s pissing down with rain of course so we feel at home already :-)

I need to do some research on the whole Basque Country/Spain issue too.